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A Moving Company Provided a Relocation Guide During Winter

Your Winter Moving Guide

We relocate often. Each day. Under any weather conditions. We can safely say that we are ready for almost any situation that might arise during a move (cue an angry dog chasing us and pinning us to the ground!). Since we do not expect you to be an expert, a moving company has put together a list of the top advice you should be aware of when moving in the winter.

Layers, Layers, and More Layers

You might think twice before donning that bulky down coat while moving boxes from the warm interior to the chilly outdoors. First, you’d be really angry if you got a rip in it. Second, wearing layers will feel less cumbersome than a winter coat, and you can take off layers one at a time if you start to grow warm. Remember to purchase some thin, grip-equipped gloves to keep your hands warm and prevent boxes from slipping from your hands.

Get Started Early

You might need more daylight during your move because it gets dark so early in the winter. Start packing early in the day to allow you to call it a night reasonably early, before it gets too dark, and make the most of the daylight hours. Since you won’t have to worry about carrying loads outside in the dark and slick, you can stay safer. Additionally, the temperatures will undoubtedly be more bearable during the day.

Don’t Pack Winter Supplies

Keep shovels, ice scrapers, salt, and winter clothing, including hats and gloves, in your car. When you arrive, you should clear a path to your new apartment if there is a lot of snow on the ground. You’ll be prepared to dig with the shovel rather than rummaging through crates. Salt the ground if the sidewalk leading to your flat is ice. This will cause the ice to melt, protecting you and your fellow movers.

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