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Tips From Reliable Movers on How to Pack Plants for Moving

How to Pack Plants for Moving

How to pack plants for moving is one of the most frequently disregarded yet crucial aspects to think about while getting ready to move. When organizing a local or long-distance move, it’s crucial to ensure that live plants are stored securely and properly, from little desk plants to bigger house plants. If you’re wondering how to pack plants for moving, keep reading to discover a few straightforward, reliable movers advice recommendations.


Understanding that this work cannot be finished in a single day is crucial when figuring out how to pack plants for moving. This is because plants require time to adjust to their new environment.

Repot plants from clay pots into equivalent-sized plastic pots three weeks before moving day. Pack the original pots in bubble wrap or packing paper to use in your new house. Plant preparation is essential to ensure they will be packed securely and withstand the trip.

You can get ready for relocation with your plants in the weeks before by:

  • Repotting: Repot your plants in a lightweight, plastic container around 2-3 weeks before a relocation. Your favorite vases and pots can then be carefully packed alongside other fragile goods, making it easier to carry them on the move and ensuring their safe arrival at your new home.
  • Pruning: You should also prune plants in the weeks before your move to eliminate dead flowers, branches, and leaves. This will simplify moving your plants and enhance the likelihood that they will appear healthy when they do.

Prevent Messes

Preventing dirt from leaking and creating a mess is one of the most challenging aspects of figuring out how to pack for moving. Moving professionals advise wrapping plants in plastic bags to prevent dirt from leaking out of planters or overflowing during your relocation.

Use a Box

Packaging plants in a special box is one of the greatest methods to keep plants safe and secure when moving to a new house. Pack all of your plants in the same box and cover any gaps between pots with newspaper or bubble wrap to ensure the utmost safety. Remember to name your box so that your moving crew will be aware of handling your plants with extra caution!

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